I’d thought about starting a blog for some time. It was the conversation today with my daughter about the blog she had just started that finally made me commit to trying. January 1st seemed like the perfect day to begin something new. So I am going to put my thoughts down in digital form to send out into the internet. I do find a certain clarity comes from writing things down so if nothing else this process will certainly help me define my thoughts and feelings on a range of topics. I’ll also post some older material that I’ve written. So lets begin.


1 thought on “Blogging

  1. Terry, interesting subject matter and interesting that you would decide to create this blog. I will check in from time to time. i find it interesting in particular because I was just asking my kids how the heck you start a blog. The reason I was asking was becasue I thought it would be great to start a blog as a way to try to inspire guys over 50 to get off the couch and get started in crossfit. It has changed the quality of my life and my health. Four years ago I had an overall physical exam by my Doctor. It put me in a state of shock. The years of neglect had caught up to me. I was in danger of getting Type 2 diabetes, I was at higher risk of heart attack due to weight. I had all the signs of classic middle age malaise and degeneration. The reports on my physical condition were completely out of sorts with my recollection of the athlete I had been. I started to crossfit. It was embarrassing. I could not get 2 pull ups. An overhead squat with the wood dowel was impossible.

    I took energy from the people at the gym and made my commitment based on the support I got at there. Young guys that seemed like monsters would finish their workouts and rather than scoff at the old guy they would encourage me to finish. They would not leave until I had finished. Incredible. They never made me embarrassed. After about 8 months I made my own little motto – “show up, don’t quit”. It did not matter to me how far behind those guys I was just that I was a finisher too.

    Last week I had my overall physical and my doctor was genuinely excited. He said less than 5% of his practice does what I have done. I am in excellent health now and 30 pounds lighter and have given myself a chance at a better healthier more active life. It is due to the crossfit culture. I have earned my life back one workout at a time. I would like to try to inspire a few other men to do the same and to take back their lives. So, it is with keen interest that I took a read of your blog this am. Maybe you can carry my theme a bit in your blog.

    Now that you have started it – keep it going! all the best!

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