Hollywood would have us believe that courage is something that only comes out when the hero is faced with a life or death situation. I think there are a lot more incidents of courage that don’t involve gunfire, aliens or psychopaths. The courage of an individual who will go their own way no matter how unpopular. It is being willing to stand up and state your beliefs. It is having the inner strength to face a challenge that pushes you far past your limits.

Last week it was demonstrated in such a profound way to me that I was humbled by it. I have a love/hate relationship with Fran. It is a workout that kicks my ass but still leaves that hope that maybe I’ve gotten just a little bit stronger and can possibly see some small measure of progress. I was doing a Team Fran workout with my fellow Taranis competitors and we were in the middle round of 15 reps. I watched the amazing Firecracker work through her set and then on the last rep she slipped off the pullup bar.       Time seemed to slow to a halt and I saw her crash to the ground. As we rushed to her aid she remained on the ground, feeling the impact and assessing what had just happened. Fortunately she got back up and we were all relieved but it was what happened next that impressed me so much. She looked at the bar, readied herself and then jumped up to do the last rep so the team could continue. All I could do was hug her. It was incredible. It was courageous.

            In one single pullup Sharon demonstrated a level of courage that far exceeds the normal perceptions of that word. She faced the challenge and proved she was above it. Courage is when you want to quit but won’t, when you are afraid but you do it anyway, it is being brave every day. She showed what she was made of and I wish I could share in that magic every day. 

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