Health and Fitness

Why is that we only really appreciate things we’ve had after their gone? I don’t think there is anything this applies more to than your health. When we are young we carry on like our health is guaranteed and we needn’t pay it much attention. We enjoy the benefits of youthful fitness with no future plan. For the lucky ones this extends longer than others but sooner or later everyone is faced with that reflection in the mirror that announces you’ve lost it.

            For me fitness and health go hand in hand, they are the perfect companions. I don’t understand anyone who will be concerned about the type of food they consume but won’t exercise, or the other person who will workout but then load up on fast foods. I like to apply the same principal to my body as I do to my motorcycle. I want it to perform to its full potential and to help that happen I am only going to put the best fuel I can find in it. I push my body hard but I try to restore it through healthy eating, which for me means buying organic produce and meat, choosing healthy snacks like nuts and fruit and staying away from processed foods in general. Of course I’m going to also enjoy chocolate but when I do it is good organic chocolate and in small amounts. Currently chocolate buttons are my favourite.

When I see, as I did recently, two superb athletes get sick and end up with pneumonia it serves as a reminder how fragile our health can be. When I hear of someone getting a lethal disease I am saddened and respectful of the gift of health. The human body is such a remarkable thing and capable of amazing feats. It is something to be grateful for every day. Each of us have been given a genetic combination that created the figure we grew into. We are all unique and beautiful. I think we should celebrate that beauty by trying to be the best we can be. This doesn’t mean that our goals should all be the same and we should strive to try and shape ourselves into the vision of someone else’s perception of a healthy body. You don’t have to starve yourself so that you can attain a chiseled look just because that is the image presented on the cover of magazines. Work hard, eat healthy and moderately and your body will naturally evolve into a wonderful package. It will allow you to do things that will enhance your life.

Treat yourself well and it will be the gift that keeps on giving.

1 thought on “Health and Fitness

  1. Wow I love this Terry!!!!! What an awesome post – I especially like the ending. It’s so true, that some people don’t see how precious their health is until it is lost. And then they jump into their resolutions with abundance, only to spiral off the wagon after a few weeks and be right back to where they started (only more discouraged than ever).

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