We all come into contact with many different people. At work, at play, or just out doing whatever but I find it fascinating how some people will resonate with you. I think a lot of it is that sense of spirit that we all have. I do believe it exists in everyone but some people have buried theirs deep inside while others project it out to the world.

            There are people who have such a wonderful spirit that you cannot help but like them immediately. They exude a warmth and cheerfulness that cannot be ignored. Sadly there are not enough of them but maybe that is why they stand out so much. It is their uniqueness and joyfulness that we are drawn to.

            Letting that spirit come out is a gift not only to yourself but to those people you come in contact with. I think it’s a simple thing. It starts with a smile. An easy gesture you can share with anyone. That smile is like the signpost to your spirit, open it up and people will be interested in looking further to seek your friendship.

I’ve always been lucky and been able to connect with people easily, maybe I’m too open but I would rather open myself up to others than hold back and remain guarded about my conversation and behaviour. I’d rather be an open book that maybe gets a bit dog-eared from use than be a pristine book kept up on a shelf out of reach and out of touch.

            I love being around people who spread their aura like a golden glow when they walk into the room. That kind and caring nature shines like a spotlight guiding others to them. I have been very fortunate to come into contact with a number of people recently who have so much spirit that it spills out of them like a river that won’t be contained. I’ve enjoyed an almost instantaneous bonding with them that makes me smile when I hear their names.  They are all beautiful souls and they inspire me to be a kinder, more generous person so that I might live up to this wonderful gift of friendship they’ve given me.

            The chance to open yourself up to others has no time limit. You can start embracing those qualities inside you and sharing them with whomever you choose anytime you want. It can simply start with a smile.  

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