For Mom

The best worst job has to be being a mother. For nine months they endure rampant hormonal disruption, a physical metamorphosis unlike anything else, nausea, aches and pains, sleepless nights, all just to get to the final moment of then having to face delivering their child.

From the minute a baby is born it has jumped straight to the front of the line and its needs will come before all other concerns a mother may have. What follows is more sleepless nights, a monumental challenge to regain their pre-baby body, more laundry than could be imagined and layers of self-doubt that a year earlier would have been inconceivable.

It is enough to make any sane person decide to skip child-rearing completely. But then there is that smile. That look between a mother and a baby, which connects them down to the depths of their souls. The connection may be there in the delivery room or it could slowly build, it doesn’t matter because the bond between a mother and her child is their own unique experience and while others may love that child without reservation, there is only one mother.

As time moves forward like only it can do and the child grows through the many stages of their life, they can push against those family ties but even the most self-centered adolescent will discover at some point how important their mother is.

There may be no gratitude at the time for the sacrifices that moms make. But eventually we all come to our senses and look at our mothers with an appreciation for all they did. They spends hours and hours behind the steering wheel driving thousands of miles to get us to school, sports, lessons, activities, and jobs. They look after all our needs, and do it all for love.

We collectively set aside one day each year to recognize just what amazing people our mothers are. On Mother’s Day we call, we visit, we send a card or flowers we give presents but its not enough. We need to take the time to connect with our mothers all year long. We need to tell them we love them that we appreciate them that we are grateful for all that they’ve done for us. They deserve it.


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