Missing Friends

I’ve been thinking of old friends lately. Those friends you’ve lost along the way. They have all had an impact on the person you are today. We are all the result of the constant accumulation of thoughts, interactions, connections and actions. We feel the joy of an uplifting moment and those people close to us are buoyed by our emotions, just as we can be brought along by their enthusiasm for something that we are indifferent to. Life is like that. Friends make a difference.

As I’ve gotten older it has been interesting for me to look back on the friends who are now missing. Those people who were once a big part of my life that have drifted away. I’m not placing blame on those losses. I stopped putting the effort in, they stopped reaching out, it doesn’t matter because what I’m appreciating now is that they all played an important part in the person I grew into.

There are times in our lives when our priorities shift and it can be hard to sustain certain friendships. But what I’ve learned now is that it is harder to go back and try to reconnect. Someone whose company you once treasured is no longer a phone call away because that number was disconnected years ago.

I wish I’d recognized the value of more of those friendships sooner. I wish I’d made more effort to stay in touch. I’ve got plenty of time available now but no longer have the connection.

It’s too late to hang out the Open for Friendship sign when it suits you. All your friends have value and have helped you evolve. Don’t shut anyone out. Be the one who makes the effort to stay in touch. You’ll be glad later on.

2 thoughts on “Missing Friends

  1. Hi Terry,
    Miss you also
    I still see how you are doing in you posts and feel a closeness though it has been a few years. Even finding connection through some of you art work at Sarah’s. Just know that you have been a big influence on our lives.

    Carol and Karlo

  2. Love this and love that you’re writing/blogging again. I was thinking about your “Capacity for love” post a little while ago too. Good to reread it 😊

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