It comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be found in the simplest things and in the most complex concepts. What matters most is how it affects you.

I’m inspired all the time. The sunlight hitting a single tree trunk in the forest proclaiming for just a moment that this tree is different from the rest can bring me great joy.  A tender moment witnessed between a couple can make me want to be a better husband. A child’s laugh as he races his parent reminds to never stop playing.

In the gym there are more moments of inspiration than I could ever keep track of. I watch someone struggle with their first pullup and see them keep pushing until their chin reaches that high point above the bar and enjoy that elation all over again. We are surrounded by amazing athletes who burn through workouts like there is nothing that can slow them down, but it even more inspiring to see those same athletes have to dig deep when they are finally challenged to their core.

We are not all created physically equal and our best efforts will yield different results but no matter what those results record it is the efforts that count the most. To see a group as diverse as our amazing cast of characters all sweating and straining towards the common goal of just doing their individual best is uplifting and a reminder of what we are all capable of.

I am inspired to see someone complete their first Rx Fran. I’m inspired to see someone go from being perpetually last to having their name posted on the top of the board. I’m inspired to witness someone carry on long after everyone else has finished a workout and not stop until that final rep is done. I’m inspired by the progress of every person who joins our community and sees the results of hard work transform their bodies and their outlook on life.

I’m inspired by all of you.

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