Every day is important

           How many times have you wished a day would end or a week would go by faster.  How often have you thought that you couldn’t wait until the weekend.

            It is wonderful to be excited about the future and the events that are coming up and there is much to be said for the joy of anticipation. But time is something that should never be wished away. Ask anyone who is facing the prospect of their time running out and they’ll tell you to savour every moment.

            Its later than you think, time waits for no man, these along with dozens of other expressions can sound trite and simplistic but they share an underlying message, don’t waste the time you have. We all have a finite time on this planet. What we don’t have is the knowledge of how long that time will be. I believe you need to plan for the future but live for today. Those seeming contradictory philosophies will hopefully allow for a balance in your outlook.

            When I think of living for today I don’t mean excessive self-indulgence and a disregard for those around you, in fact quite the opposite. I think you should take care of yourself and enjoy that process. Eat healthy, rest, find an activity that brings you joy but also helps create a fitter, stronger you. Enjoy the struggle of attaining improved fitness to make it all the better for the future you to carry on a healthy lifestyle.

            But fitness is just one aspect of your well being, there are things to do mentally and emotionally that follow the same doctrine. If there is someone you care about, tell them. We get so hung up on holding our feelings deep inside that we cut ourselves off from communicating with others. I don’t think there is a kinder and more spontaneous expression of caring than to simply give someone a hug. Try it and you’ll find it doesn’t hurt. The warmth you give away will come back and you’ll feel even better as a result.

            Look for opportunities to learn something new, to expand your mind and your horizons. Express yourself in whatever form takes your interest. The truth is we can all paint, draw, tell stories and more. There is a creative outlet available for everyone and you can enjoy it immensely once you give up the need to compare what you do to others. Just because I can’t paint like Gordon Smith or Lauren Harris, doesn’t mean I can’t get tremendous satisfaction and pleasure from the paintings I do.

            There is a wonderful world at your fingertips each and every day, make the most of it.

2 thoughts on “Every day is important

  1. Well said Terry, it never ceases to amaze me how, as I get older, time seems to fly by faster, and faster.

    Sometimes it seems like just yesterday that I met my wife (Year 2000), now we are approaching 10 years of marriage, and have three kids. I know it can be often be hard when things are tough, but I really try to enjoy each day, especially with my kids as I know that far too soon, they will have lives of their own.

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