Dogs know best

            I watch my dogs with envy. They are always ready to have fun. When there is nothing going on of interest they stretch out and relax, generally on the most comfortable thing they can find. They come willingly to you in order to share affection. They don’t appear to dwell on the past or worry about the future. They live in the now.

            To let yourself be completely involved in the moment you are in is a wonderful trait to have. So often we are not really there, instead our minds are thinking about the next thing we’re going to be doing. We push ourselves to multi-task so much that we become fragmented and unable to calm down enough to truly focus on just one thing.

            When you do let it happen and you achieve that state where there is only the activity you’re doing and nothing else, a calm can envelope you to the point where you are now performing at a much higher level. I love that feeling and have always migrated to things that will bring that out in me. I tend to push hard to find that focus. I don’t like to cruise when I ski, I’d rather head down something steep that pulls me into the moment so completely that my entire being can join in the side of that mountain. I love to ride my motorcycle fast and head into the corners looking for the outside edge of my tires and that lean angle that requires absolutely all of my concentration. I love to be drawn into a hard workout that pushes me to my full capacity and blocks out all distractions.

            Physical activities that challenge you to find your limits are great for bringing you completely into the moment. It is much harder to do it in the day-to-day activities. We are so easily distracted and can miss so much because of it. I try very hard to be focused on the people around me that I’m interacting with and not let my mind wander off. If I’m talking with someone I want to be there and connect with them, very much like my dog wants to connect with me when she comes over and leans against me.

            It is an ongoing challenge but one worth the effort. I want to do better. I want to live in the now, and I’d be happy to have my belly rubbed too.



(Freckles relaxing on the sofa)


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