Defining Moments


There are moments in life that are going to shape your future. Many of these are obvious; the day you got married, the birth of child but there are so many other moments that only in retrospect become recognizable as important.

The cross-country motorcycle trip I did with my brother when I had just turned 16 was definitely a defining moment for me. From that experience came a degree of confidence and independence that was far beyond my years. That trip matured me to the point that I related better with my older brothers friends than I did with many of my own.At the time I had no idea how profound the journey would be for me.

Another motorcycle trip that I made 10 years ago opened a door to a friendship that brought a bond that is close to what I share with my brother. After leaving from Vancouver with the intention of riding together to San Francisco the short ride turned into an adventure filled journey to Nevada, my first visit to Las Vegas, Utah, and Montana. Now Michael and I take a trip every year together and have ridden thousands of miles together, sharing unique experiences and trusting each other completely.

We make so many small decisions in life, never knowing at the time if they will lead to important changes or simply to be forgotten as just a passing event. The decision to try something new, to make a new start, to open yourself up to new possibilities can come around the corner at any time.

When a friend bought an inexpensive painting set years ago now and I saw what fun he was having with it, I was inspired to pick up a brush myself. Today painting is a huge part of who I am and where I see myself in the future. That moment triggered a decision for me and started me down a new path.

I made a decision a year ago to no longer be part of the West Vancouver Crossfit community. After coaching and training for years with them it was a very hard choice to make. I had many good friends there but since I was told I was no longer needed there as I coach I walked out of one door and into another one in Deep Cove. In that different location I found myself welcomed with by a warmth that astonished me. Now 12 months later I have made some very important new friendships that shape my outlook. Their support and love have allowed me to grow both as an athlete and as a person.

We all live with the results of the choices we make. Sometimes it is hard to make the connection between cause and affect but other times it does seem like karma comes rolling down on top of you.

In the end it falls back on you to do the right thing, to try to behave responsibly, be compassionate, to share your love, to be a good person. Those moments that can define who you are and what you are capable are, in fact right in front of you each and every day. They may not all lead to life changing decisions or profound new beginnings but they all help to guide you to making those right choices.

You never know when a defining moment may result from your actions so why not live as if everything you do is shaping your future. It’s all right in front of you.

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