The itty bitty shitty committee



I love it when I learn something new. All too often I feel like I’m forgetting things I once knew, those hard earned lessons or well phrased bits of advice that seem to slip away through lack of use.

I was talking after a workout recently with some people in the gym. The topic came up about self-doubt and how you can undermine your success by letting negative thoughts creep in to your head when you are attempting something difficult. My friend Sue-Ann described those nagging doubts and worries that come into your head, as the ‘itty bitty shitty committee’, those negative thoughts that undermine your positive attitude. She said sometimes you have to get a new chairman for the committee and fire the old one so you can get on with things.

I love this description and like so many things that you can have explained to you in different ways, it is just hearing it in the way that makes sense for you to finally have a concept sink in.

There is no denying the itty bitty shitty committee or whatever you want to call it because we all have it. Some think of it as a fear of failure, I think of more of a fear of success. When you challenge yourself to go beyond what you think you are capable and are successful it opens up a lot of other doors. Now you have to look at other things you have failed to do or never even tried because you thought there was no way you could possibly do such a thing. Suddenly your recent success shines a light on other things you’ve avoided and now have to consider because if you can achieve one goal then maybe there are other goals you can achieve as well.

I’m going to be ready to fire that committee next time their negative attitudes threaten my confidence. First sign of trouble from that group is going to result in a new leader being appointed who will encourage me to try.

At the end of the day all any of us can do is try and do your very best.

1 thought on “The itty bitty shitty committee

  1. This is why we love Sue-Ann. Not only because she can come up with such great names as the itty bitty shitty committee, but that she shares her wisdom and her love. She truly has the capacity to love!

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