An upside down world

The World Crossfit Games are just three weeks away and it feels like I have been living at my Crossfit gym in North Vancouver to get ready to compete. I’m used to doing 6 workouts a week but for the past month I’ve been doing 10. All the extra training is working and I’m feeling stronger than ever. Every week I have scored new personal records on the various lifts we do. Deadlift, Clean & Jerk, Snatch, Back Squat, everything is going in the right direction.

But with all the extra work and special programming I still had a fear because I hadn’t been able to do a full Handstand Pushup. I feel they will be part of one of the workouts I’ll face at the Games and I have felt the pressure of my failure building.

Everything changed last night. I asked Corey, one of the other coaches and one of our top athletes for help. For half an hour while he held his tiny baby in his arms Corey patiently worked with me. With suggestions, encouragement and by example, while I held Jude, he connected with me on this movement. We all learn in different ways and sometimes it is the fifth or sixth or tenth time something is explained to you that you finally get it. That doesn’t mean the earlier instruction was bad but it just didn’t sink in with you. Last night the light bulb finally turned on and I got my first kipping Handstand Pushup. And then I did two in a row then three, then four. I was elated.

After a very long string of failures on this movement I finally got it. I was doing it and I felt like an enormous weight was removed from my shoulders. Now if this was going to come up at the Games I was confident I could get through the workout.

Tonight in my second workout of the evening I did 24 HSPUs. I got there because someone else was there to support me. That support has been there from the moment I qualified for the Masters division at the Games. Since the Open competition ended I have been riding a wave of support from the people at our gym that has astonished me and warmed my heart. The genuine enthusiasm and belief in my ability to compete with these other athletes from around the world has propelled me forward every workout.

I don’t know how well I will do in L.A. but I do know that I will be heading there as prepared as I can be and that I will do my best. If my best efforts puts me in 20th place, otherwise known as last, I will be fine with that because I will know that I trained hard and went ready to compete. I am hoping that I can improve upon my qualifying 15th place in the standings but simply to make to the Games will forever be a milestone achievement for me.

From my upside down position against the wall tonight I could see the two tattoos I have on my arms. The left arm says Keep Going and the right arm says Be Better. I plan on doing both. No matter what happens I know I got there because of the support and love I’ve received from so many. They are all important to me and for them as well as myself I will continue to train hard until its time to fly to California.

Its coming soon and I’ll be ready.

2 thoughts on “An upside down world

  1. Good luck in the games Terry – we know you will do well – currently in Penticton for the classic car show – may not be home for quite some time as we are travelling but will see you on your return.

    Peter and Frances

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