Getting Away

Getting Away

Sometimes it is the right thing to get away. Sometimes it is as good for the people left behind as it is for the one going. Sometimes you need to get away to remember who you are.

I love my motorcycle. I love taking off and riding thousands of kilometers on it. There is nothing quite like the feeling of waking up in some place far from home and knowing the only thing that I have to do that day is ride my bike. It is a liberating feeling. It clears my head of cobwebs and daily distractions. It lets me think.

After hours of riding and being alone with my thoughts inside my helmet I can reach a wonderful state of non-thinking. At that point I’m so comfortable with the mechanical aspects of riding the bike, the constant adjustments to balance and speed, direction, awareness of the passing scenery and more, at that moment all those things have slipped into automatic response and my thoughts are free flowing. Sometimes there are no thoughts, other times memories, connections, considerations or ideas rise to the surface and seeking my attention. There is no pressure for action, just the opportunity to gently turn a thought around in my head and see it from many different angles.

These moments make me a better person. They give me clarity and provide an unparalleled stress release. The journey becomes the destination and so much more makes sense than it did before.

It is my release but the point is we all need one. It could be a weekend away golfing with friends, or a yoga retreat, or time spent on the water in a kayak. It doesn’t matter what the vehicle is that transports you away from the daily routine. What does matter is that you have the means to move in that direction.

We all need some time to ourselves. The time to stay connected to that thing inside of you where your sense of self resides. This is where inner focus will be found.

Taking time for yourself does not make you self-centered or a bad parent/spouse/friend or anything else. It provides a means to reassess and reevaluate the things that are important to you. It brings you back to your center and closer to the values that you hold dear. It helps you sort out relationships and make better choices.

I recently had three wonderful days of riding in the late summer sunshine and I felt like I had my soul plugged in for a recharge.

I find my way there on a motorcycle. I hope that everyone is as fortunate and discovers for themselves that special thing that helps them get away in order to get back to what’s important.