It is the month formerly known as November and men all over the world are doing what they can to raise awareness of the risks of prostate cancer. This is the cancer that is most likely to affect a man.

Think of 7 men you know, any 7, now imagine one of them has prostate cancer. Those are the current odds and they’re not good.

That’s the bad news. The good news is this type of cancer is slow growing and the potential for early detection is high if you have regular checkups. An annual physical with your doctor could save your life. It’s that simple.

Prostate cancer has already touched my life. My oldest brother had it but early detection and surgery put him in the clear. My other brother has had prostate issues that required surgery as well. Pretty obvious it is in my family and I’m at high risk, so every year I go in for my physical. This is not a hardship, this is a necessity. This routine must become a part of more men’s lives.

Two other friends have had surgery in the past year. This is not an illness that is going to disappear and it is important that everyone encourage the men in their lives to take responsibility for their check ups.

I have grown a moustache each November for the past four years and done fundraising for Prostate Cancer research. This year I’m not growing the moustache but I will be supporting others in their fundraising drive. Please do the same.

The fundraising is important but the discussions are far more so. Use this month as a means to broach the subject with every man you know. If it got them in for a checkup then you can be proud of your contribution.

Be a Mo Bro or a Mo Sista and spread the word. Education and encouragement is the answer.

Info from the Prostate Cancer website:


Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among Canadian men (excluding non-melanoma skin cancer). In 2012:

  • An estimated 26,500 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer and 4,000 will die of it.
  • On average, 73 Canadian men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer every day.
  • On average, 11 Canadian men will die of prostate cancer every day.

Probability of developing or dying from prostate cancer

One in 7 men will develop prostate cancer during his lifetime and one in 28 will die of it

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